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The pics I did for the My Favourite Vocaloid Songs Medley chorus!! 

1. Shiva + CRINA - World’s end dancehall

2. Syo + Kaneyama Shou - Senbonzakura

3. Mitzuke + RORO - Parameter

4. Kyue + Amane Chibi, iwls - Miki Miki Romantic Night

Good job everyone!!!!!!! Thank you Steel for all your hard work!


CRINA_sweet by ShivaTenshitan

Released the first of the 【character set】 voicebanks! This time it’s a loli voice. Original character design is by Kyue.


Koike Shun APPEND by ShivaTenshitan

Alternative design for Koike Shun’s Append voicebank(s).
Creator: PrismeCube

RUKO by ShivaTenshitan
I drew my take on Yokune Ruko♂ ^q^ What a beautiful specimen.

Creative (Circus’ Hardcore Remix) by ShivaTenshitan

Circus-P feat Tohoku Zunko 「Creative (Circus’ Hardcore Remix)」, original song by Krypt Creeper.

Based on “Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared” short video.

I really like this hardcore music senseeeeee Thank you!!!


makkimakkimakkikkikkikki by ShivaTenshitan

My piece for the Makimiya Fuuki Anthology 「薪宮漬け!」Thank you for letting me participate m(_ _)m

The book was sold at the UTAU only event 「UTAU PARADISE」 together with a badge of my illustration as a free gift!

Anthology website:
Anthology twitter: